2019 Goal Setting

Well, hard to believe it’s 2019. The beginning of the year usually means making plans, setting goals, and new year’s resolutions. And if you are like me you have really big ambitions about what you think you can get done during the year. Looking back on 2018 I really thought I made some great goals. However, at the end of the year I was very disappointed that a number of them were not completed or not even started.

You can see my full post about my 2018 Goals here: 2018 annual goals.  Those 2018 goals are listed below. I have marked those that were fully completed. You can find my completed laundry room organization in a post here: Laundry room organization.

2018 Annual Goals

  1. Organize my home
    • Office Redo
    • Garage
    • Laundry Room--completed
    • Household Binders
  2. Preserve Family Memories
    • Build Family Yearbooks
    • Organize and streamline all pictures in all locations
    • Ensure proper backup procedures in place
  3. Obtain Financial Peace
    • 2017 Taxes-completed
    • Investment Analysis-completed
    • Evaluate 401K balance and increase fundings
    • Family Finance Binder
    • Credit card for internet purchases only-completed
    • Hire real estate agent for MS land
  4. Improve Health
    • Track water and vitamins
    • Start weight loss program
    • New Skin care regimen- completed
  5. Grow organizedmaniac brand
    • Post regularly on blog
    • Increase IG followers
    • Increase skillset through photography and Canva classes

So what have I done in 2019 to create a better goal-setting process and outcome?

  1. Embarked on some reflection on what worked and what didn’t work.   But also focusing on the positive and the things that I did accomplish.
  2. Purchased a new goal planner —the Inkwell Press goal planner with discbound inserts. I absolutely love it!
  3. Participated in the Inkwell Press 5-day Goal Setting Challenge that just ended last week.

The goal planner includes reflection pages, priority pages, goal setting and action road map pages, monthly check-ins, goal adjustment sheets, and a year planning goal matrix. I also have project planning pages and a notes section.  A few pictures are below:

Goal Setting page:


Action Road Map page:



Checkpoint page:



Monthly habit tracker:


Some key take-aways I’ve learned:

  • Need to make goals more realistic. Ensure that you have the time allotted to complete each goal. Schedule that time in your planner or your phone.
  • Again, determine how much time you have to give each goal each week. And don’t try to do all your goals at the same time—spread them out during the year.
  • Find a method of accountability. This can be a personal friend to be your accountability partner, an online group or a paid group specific to your goal.
  • Break all your goals down into measurable tasks. I love that my new goal planning sheets have space allocated for defining the specific steps needed to meet your goal, the tasks, and the associated way to measure each task.
  • Make sure you have a visual reminder of your goals—planner, refrigerator, computer desktop, etc. I include my goal list in my daily planner to ensure they are with me every day.

My main takeaway for this year is to reduce the number of goals I’m trying to accomplish and focus on the goals that will reap the most benefits to me. It’s not necessary to have a goal in every category of your life!! Specifically, I will focus on cleaning up and organizing my office and becoming healthier.

What will be your focus for 2019? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

Happy New Year!



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