Monthly Goal Setting-December 2017

I’m back again to share with everyone my December monthly goals, along with a re-cap of my November goals.  As we all know, consistent goal setting is a crucial part of the planning process. As I wrote last month, I am hoping that sharing my monthly goals here will help me to stay on course and increase my accountability!
Goal Setting Tools

  • Monthly mission board in my inkwell press planner
  • Powersheets from Lara Casey
  • My running master task list

Goal Setting Process

  • Complete any prep-work and brainstorming tasks in Powersheets
  • Review prior month mission board goals and carry-forward any that were not completed
  • Review my project list and add at least two of those tasks to the monthly mission board
  • Review my running task list for any that need to be added to the monthly mission board
  • Summarize and categorize for the monthly mission board

Prior month goals

These were my November goals–Check out this post for complete details

  • Me Time-Facial, I had a facial on 12/1 so I am counting this as a done!
  • Health-All November appts are complete!
  • Home-organize laundry room, continue working on office.  This one is just not going well at all.  I am going to set up a specific project for cleaning my office with some smaller goals for each month.  More to come on this one.
  • Social-Monthly club dinner-complete!
  • Financial–health insurance has been purchased but 401k and insurance updates are still pending–I will move these forward to December
  • Other–High School applications are complete!
  • Dream Big–Family cruise has been booked for the summer.  Still need to take care of airfare and some other things but still a big accomplishment for me.

December 2017 goals

  • Me Time-monthly facial
  • Health-dentist and orthodontist appointments
  • Home-clean out son’s closet and organize winter clothes, organize laundry room and set up project for office clean-up
  • Financial-Review and update 401K and finish updating insurance beneficiaries
  • Other–Christmas, Christmas, Christmas
  • Dream Big-continue planning summer vacation

How did everyone out there do on their November goals? Leave me a comment and let me know. I would love to hear from you.

Happy Organizing,




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