Monthly Goal Setting-March 2018


 I’m checking in to do an update on my goals.  In January, I posted my annual goals for 2018. See the full post here: 2018 Goals

Annual Goals

Since then, I have also taken the opportunity to break down my annual goals into quarterly goals—the Inkwell press inserts have a special page for just quarterly goals—Another great planning tool.

Quarterly Goals

My February goals and updates are as follows:

  • Me Time—monthly facial. Okay, this one is a winner since it covers both “me time” goals and health goals.
  • Health-pediatrician appointment and find a new speech therapist—-Still looking for a speech therapist.
  • Home—Finish Laundry Room, Finish son’s closet, and start on office. I did all of these!!Whoop Whoop! You can actually find the post on my laundry room makeover here:  Laundry Room Makeover  
  • Financial-Get car fixed and transfer auto-debt bills. Well half of this is done at least.
  • Vacation Planning—This is still in progress.

And finally, for March, these are my goals:

  • Me time—monthly facial
  • Health—find new speech therapist and dentist appointment for crown (I’ve been putting this off….)
  • Home-continue office redo, get couch fixed, and buy new bed for son
  • Financial-new credit card just for internet, start taxes, and uggh! still need to get my car fixed
  • Social—reading the book “The Accident”
  • Dream Big—finalize summer vacation trip

March Goals

Well that’s it for me. Leave me a comment below and let me know what your goals for March are! I would love to hear from you. 

Happy Planning,



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