2018 Annual Goals

So, I’ve finally finalized my 2018 annual goals, with the help of some “snow days” off from work last week to help make that happen. These are my broad goals for the year. Therefore, under broad goal, I have more specific mini-goals, which during the year I break down into projects,  quarterly, and monthly goals.


2018 Annual Goals

  1. Organize my home
    • Office Redo
    • Garage
    • Laundry Room
    • Household Binders
  2. Preserve Family Memories
    • Build Family Yearbooks
    • Organize an streamline all pictures in all locations
    • Ensure proper backup procedures in place
  3. Obtain Financial Peace
    • 2017 Taxes
    • Investment Analysis
    • Evaluate 401K balance and increase fundings
    • Family Finance Binder
    • Credit card for internet purchases only
    • Hire real estate agent for MS land
  4. Improve Health
    • Track water and vitamins
    • Start weight loss program
    • New Skin care regimen
    • Fitbit-10,000 steps
  5. Grow organizedmaniac brand
    • Post regularly on blog
    • Increase IG followers
    • Increase skillset through photography and Canva classes

If you are still hitting some roadblocks regarding what your goals for 2018 should be, I highly recommend the Powersheets Goal Planner from Cultivate What Matters.  Powersheets are a great companion to your planning process and goal-setting process. They help you to know what to put in your planner and set priorities. There is numerous goal-setting prep-work included to help you assess where you are in your major life areas and where you want to be in the future.


I am really hoping to accomplish all these goals this year and I hope to continue posting my monthly goal updates here so all of you can help me maintain accountability on these goals.


Looking forward to a great 2018.  What are your 2018 goals?? PLease share below. 

Happy New Year everyone!



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