My Laundry Room Organization

I have a very small laundry room in my house. Well, not really even a laundry room but more of a laundry closet with a single wire rack and those sliding doors. It was very neglected and just a major dumping ground. But just because my laundry room is small, I still want it to be cute, organized, and functional—right?

Well, this is what it originally looked like:

But I was inspired by pictures of small laundry rooms on Pinterest and Instagram that were really nice. So, I set out to one of my favorite stores (TJMaxx…..) to buy cute laundry baskets. But even with all the cute baskets, it was still a hot mess.

So, last week I embarked on phase two which involved some real de-cluttering, organizing, and creating a functional space. I was determined to have something nice without spending a lot of time and money on painting, remodeling, putting in more shelving, etc.—I would love some wood shelving instead of the wire one for example but maybe that will be a phase 3……… For now I’m happy with what I have.

So, here’s the AFTER picture:

I had already purchased these bins from TJMaxx. I emptied and decluttered everything—organized and labeled all the products as follows:

  • Laundry-stain removers, soap packages, dryer sheets, woolite
  • Bags-all kinds of garbage and Ziploc bags
  • Cleaners—leather cleaners and conditioners, shoe cleaning kits
  • Misc-anything else!

The laundry sign is from Hobby Lobby.

Here’s the right side of the laundry, where my portable ironing board hangs. I also got rid of all those different hangers and put in some nice matching ones. The basket right above the ironing board holds my iron and ironing supplies. And finally I have some decoration here with this washboard (again, from TJMaxx)-love this.

Now, here’s the left side of the laundry that includes my clipboard containing all the laundry symbols and a few other pintables. The basket at the top contain lightbulbs and next to it is my cleaning kit for grabbing and cleaning up spills on the carpet and other accidents.

Now, this is one of my favorite new products for my small laundry room. I purchased it from Amazon.  It’s very narrow and fits perfectly between the washer and dryer to hold all my products (It has three tiers and wheels).


And of course, I had to include some nice laundry décor as a final touch–


So, here’s some more final pictures. I hope you have enjoyed this little tour!



For more inspiration check out my board on Pinterest—pinterest/organize my laundry room

Happy Organizing!






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