Organizing Your Family With Cozi.Com

Is managing your schedule a full-time job by itself? Did someone forget to pick up the milk, the dry cleaning and the children…again?  If serving as the chief administrative officer of your household is wearing you down, do what I did – get cozy with

I am always looking for ways to keep my family and me up to date on calendar items and to-do lists.  is a great way to achieve this. It is also a great way to keep your family informed even if you prefer paper planning (and don’t want them digging through your planner!).

Think of as a family organization portal. I’ve been using it for several years, and I love it.  The key feature is the family calendar that can sync with Outlook and includes color coding for each family member to make it easy to see who needs to be where and when.  In addition, there are shopping lists that can be shared, journaling pages, a family messaging tool and a to-do list section.  The to-do list offers several default lists to get you started (one for you, your spouse, shared and vacation planning).  Of course, you can add additional lists as you like.  You also have the ability to add different types of lists to the shopping list section and pre-populated lists directly from Cozi.

Now here’s some of the good stuff for those of you with spouses (like mine) or teenagers who never seem to know what’s going on:

  • Online access and viewing
  • Calendar appointment reminders that can be sent to anyone you choose in the family
  • Reminders that can be sent via e-mail or text message to a cell phone (this is great for my husband)
  • Shopping and chore lists that can be shared in real time
  • An automatic weekly e-mail from Cozi with a calendar agenda can be sent to anyone in the family you choose so everyone can see the week ahead
  • There are internet calendars ( family movie releases, home maintenance reminders, etc.) that you can automatically integrate with your family calendar

Here is an example of my Calendar:


These are the various shopping lists I have set up:

And these are some of the to-do lists downloaded directly from COZI:

And finally recipes (with a menu planner and shopping list):


Best of all—it’s FREE! And there’s also a premium version and an iPhone/ipad/android app to go along with it!

What kind of tools do you use to keep everyone up to date? Let me know; I would love to hear from you.

Happy organizing,



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